Samadhi Center for Yoga in Uptown, Denver:
Wednesdays 12-1pm
 Yoga Nidra:
Yoga Nidra means Yogic Sleep- it is a form of meditation that is accessed through guiding the brain through deep sleep brain waves and the layers of energy and conciousness. Yoga Nidra provides deep relaxation along with reshaping thinking patterns to help you become more calm, happy, and present. No meditation experience needed. Most practice Yoga Nidra lying down.
Thursdays 7-8PM
Reiki Restorative:

A calming combination of Restorative Yoga and the ancient Japanese Buddhist practice of Reiki. Using props to support surrender into each pose, restorative yoga gently balances the chakras and relaxes the body. Reiki activates the natural healing processes of the body and restores physical and emotional well-being. No experience with Reiki is needed to attend this class.

Corporate Yoga:

The studies are in, and we know that happy, healthy employees provide higher productivity rates and report more satisfaction and longer commitment to their companies. Shouldn’t you and your company try Yoga and Meditation?


Yoga- Yoga will provide physical mobility as well as pain- and stress-relief. I can cater to and modify to all levels, injuries, and health concerns.

Yoga Nidra and Meditation- I provide two types of meditation guidance: Seated Guided/Silent Meditation, or lie-down guided meditation (called Yoga Nidra). 1 Hour of Yoga Nidra is said to generate the rest of 4 hours of deep sleep. This will help your employees to re-emerge into the workplace rested and rejuvenated. Meditation is the ultimate stress-relief, with only positive side effects!

I will come to your office for a 45 minute or one hour class of Yoga, Meditation, or a combination of both. Length of class and time slots are flexibile!

1 Class/Month: $100

2 Classes/Month $200

4 Classes/Month $350

Private Yoga and Meditation Sessions:

One-on-one Yoga instruction for Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Silent Meditation Instruction or Yoga Nidra (Guided Meditation)

60 min $75