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Samadhi Yoga Sangha
639 E 19th Ave, Denver, CO 80203
Saturdays 2pm
 Reiki Restorative
Rest in this beautiful energetic experience of stillness and healing. In restorative yoga, we use many props and blankets to hold us in poses for 3-7 minutes while both the physical body and energy chakras release and align. During this time, the teacher, or guest Reiki Master, will give Reiki to each individual to mend the being on all levels: physical, energetic, and emotional. Reiki is Japanese energy work that balances, heals, and aligns the chakras— the 7 energy centers of the being—by delivering white light through the hands. The experience of Reiki is one of deep relaxation and feelings of peace and love.
Corporate Classes

The studies are in, and we know that happy, healthy employees provide higher productivity rates and report more satisfaction and longer commitment to their companies. Shouldn’t you and your company try Yoga and Meditation?


I will come to your office and offer private Reiki, Massage, Reiki Massage, or guide a Meditation class.

The type of meditation I teach is Yoga Nidra. One Hour of Yoga Nidra is said to generate the same amount of rest of four hours of deep sleep. This will help your employees to re-emerge into the workplace de-stressed and rejuvenated. Meditation is the ultimate stress-relief, with only positive side effects!

1 Class/Month: $100

2 Classes/Month $200

4 Classes/Month $350

Private Reiki Restoratice or Yoga Nidra Meditation Classes:

Private classes are available!

60 min $125

75 min: $140

90 min: $160

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