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I have been seeing Megan for both massage and reiki and it is impossible to tell you which one I recommend more! 

Each session I have with Megan, massage or reiki, I always leave feeling relaxed, nourished, and incredibly revived in my body and mind. She is intuitive to exactly what my body needs every time and holds such a sacred space for transformative healing. 

Words cannot express how much her bodywork has changed my life!

Megan is an absolute master of her craft and I couldn’t recommend her enough! 

-Malia Michael

I see Megan for guided meditation, typically Yoga Nidra. I am not a spiritually-minded person, but I do stick with something if it works for me. And the meditation sessions work! They allow me to manage my moderate depression and anxiety better than anything else I've tried. I leave the sessions feeling calm, focused and ready to tackle the day-to-day pressures of life. Megan is great at this stuff, very knowledgeable, and she is always learning more. She's also a really sweet person. You'll love working with her.

-Dan Brody

As a consistent client of Megan’s for over 2 years now I can tell you that she is truly a talented, caring, and experienced massage therapist. I try to see Megan once a month because I know that with each visit I will feel like a new person again. I love how Megan incorporates different techniques into her massages with me. She uses a holistic approach of deep tissue to get out my knots, rolfing, reiki and reflexology points in order for me to feel my best. As a highly active person I have gotten lots of bodywork done and hands down, Megan is the best massage therapist I have ever come across!

-Rosie Christian

Megan Conner is an amazing healer! Megan helped me immensely after major surgery to release muscle tension in my neck, shoulders, and back. Megan's knowledge of massage, anatomy, reiki, and yoga makes her the best at what she does, I highly recommend!

-Heidi Dietz

I met Megan 7 years ago.  I was crossfitting everyday and racing offroad enduro motocross.  My body was a wreck.  My wrists, shoulders, forearms and calves were destroyed.  I stumbled across Megan at a chain massage clinic. 


The first visit was relaxing and I scheduled another.  The second visit wasn’t a fluffy feel good massage.  She got into my shoulders and actually broke up my angry knots.  One hour was not enough and I scheduled a two hour massage every two weeks.  The work was amazing I could touch my chin to my chest and actually stretch my calves without pain.  On one visit she focused on my forearms….  45 minutes on each forearm.  It broke up the years of destruction and for the first time in memory I could feel the tips of my fingers.  On several occasions after the massage I had to just sit in the car and wait for the dizzy/high feeling of whatever was released from the massage to subside before I could drive home.


For such a small person she put the hurt on me….  In a good way :0)  I still schedule a 2 hour massage every two or three weeks. 


I am glad she is venturing out on her own and I highly recommend her service.


-Chad Wadsworth

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