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Womb Healing 

To book a Group Womb Healing Session or  a Menarche Circle, please call (720) 625-2673


It is a struggle being a WOMBan in this currently unbalanced world of masculinity and patriarchy. We absolutely endure pain and trauma, but that doesn’t mean we can’t recover. Your WOMB space is amazingly resilient! This beautiful energy work will help your womb release cellular memory of trauma and clear energetic chords so you can feel lighter, embracing a new story for your body and for your life, and healing ancestral trauma 7 generations back and 7 generations forward. This service is for WOMBen (any person with a womb or any person who identifies as a woman).


There has long been an imbalance of masculine and feminine energy in the world. An overabundance of masculine energy causes burnout, power struggle, abuse, war, and detriment to the planet. But fear not, because Divine Feminine energy is rising! The Divine Feminine energy (also known as Divine Goddess or Divine Mother) is intuitive, accepting, heart-centered, wise, forgiving, and passionate. When Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies are balanced in the world, it conveys peace on earth, equality and acceptance of all walks of life, and a healthy vibrant planet. WOMBen in touch with this energy in them are wise, gentle, strong, confident, loving, open, and intensely intuitive. All have this energy in them, we just have to remember. It awakens inside each and every one of us as its vibration rises on the planet. Honoring your womb space, practicing self-love and self-care, and healing from abuse or conditioning caused by the patriarchy are the first steps. Allow yourself the peace, freedom and joy of connecting to the Divine Feminine in you. Your body welcomes you home.

What is Womb Healing?

The full womb healing service is  90 minutes and includes yoni steaming, clay belly mask, sound healing, Womb Reiki, and womb crystal grids. You may, however, book a 60 minute womb healing session without the yoni steaming and clay mask.

What is Yoni Steaming?

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for Vulva, Vagina, and Womb. Sit over a steaming herbal blend to relax, open, and heal the tissues of the yoni and womb. The issues are in your tissues! This ancient practice can not only get you in touch with your Divine Feminine energy, but also help release cellular memory of sexual trauma, ancestral trauma, increase fertility, and balance vaginal PH.

This service is NOT for people with a metal IUD, people currently menstruating, or pregnant people. It IS for anyone with a yoni!

What is a Clay Belly Mask?

Remove toxins and stagnant energy from the womb with this soothing treatment. The issues are in the tissues! Detox and lighten your energy. This service is amazing for women healing from miscarriage, abortion, or anything else womb-related-- including pregnancy!

I also have sessions available that combine full body massage and womb healing. The full service is 2.5 Hours with yoni steaming and clay mask, 2 hours if you choose either clay mask or yoni steam, or 90 minutes for massage and womb healing only.

To book a Group Womb Healing Session or  a Menarch Circle, please call (720) 625-2673

Full Womb Healing Session (with Yoni Steam and Clay Mask).... $150

Womb Healing (with Yoni Steam Only)...... $130

Womb Healing (with Clay Mask Only)...... $120

Womb Healing only....... $100

Full Body Massage with Full Womb Healing Session (Yoni Steam,  Clay Mask)......$250

Full Body Massage with Womb Healing and Yoni Steam only...... $230

Full Body Massage with Womb Healing and Clay Mask only...... $220

Full Body Massage with Womb Healing only......... $150

Please Call (720) 625-2673 to book Group Healing

Group Womb Healing

Hire me to facilitate a womb-healing circle to raise the Divine Feminine vibration in your bodies and in the world! This can include anything from meditation, journaling, dialogue, and sacred sensual dance around an alter. Feel the love, power, and beauty of community and sacred sisterhood.

90 Minutes...$140

120 Minutes...$180

Red Tent

Red Tent is a beautiful ancient tradition in which women gather to rest, reset, and practice self-care. Experience adornment of the Sacred Goddess in each and every one of us. Traditionally these gatherings happen during menstruation, however I can facilitate a red tent ceremony for any group of women at any time during their cycles, present- or post- menopausal. 

90 Minutes...$140

120 Minutes...$180

Menarche Celebration

The first bleed for a young woman is a sacred time. With the right support and education, we can not only undo patriarchal conditioning that causes menstrual pain and suffering, but also remove the shame from the blood, allowing them to step into their power and respect themselves as a Woman!

90 Minutes...$140

120 Minutes...$180

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