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Reiki and Angel Reiki

I am a Reiki Master in both Usui Reiki and Angel Reiki,  Reiki is universal light energy that balances the chakras (energetic layers of the person) to create harmony in all areas of your life. It will also clear from you any negative energy and any energy that does not belong to you, while creating emotional balance and relieving physical pain. 

60 minutes...$100

90 minutes...$140

Reiki Massage

A combination of Massage and Reiki. Long, therapeutic massage strokes mixed with energy work and crystals. Aligns and clears chakras (energy centers) and relieves physical tension. Good for emotional healing and overall health.

About Reiki: Reiki is energy work to align the chakras, creating emotional and energetic stability.

60 minutes...$110

90 minutes...$150

120 minutes..$180

                   Reiki with Nidra Meditation

Reiki combined with a customized yoga nidra session. Yoga Nidra translates to Yogic Sleep. It is a deeply relaxing meditation practice that is done lying down as you are guided through practice in the body and mind of relaxation, stress-relief, and bliss. Yoga Nidra is amazing for anxiety, depression, or simply learning to relax and let go. As Yoga movement(asana) is the practice of doing, Yoga Nidra is the practice of non-doing. The gift of entering the blissful stages of meditation effortlessly. You will feel more calm, confident, and happy as a result of regular practice.

60 minutes...$100

90 minutes...$140

Reiki Attunement Levels 1, 2 and Master with Megan Conner. 1-1 training or group trainings available

Awaken in yourself the healing power of Reiki, an ancient form of energy work that aligns the Chakras to balance your energy, and thus your life. Our world needs more positive energies, and we are the peaceful warriors that bring it.


In Level One, you will be attuned with the Divine Reiki energy and learn how to move it and use it. You will also learn all about the Chakras, the Koshas, and the hand positions of traditional Reiki to start practicing healing on yourself and others. 

In Level Two, you will be reattuned with the Reiki energy, then learn the Reiki symbols to help protect yourself from other energies and unleash powerful healing abilities.


Reiki Master Training-  The final attunement is the most powerful one. This one aligns you with the Reiki Master symbols and teaches you how to Attune others

Investment: $250 each 

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